Resources For You – and a Discount!

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Creative Trust who is producing Donald Miller’s Convergence DVD series for small groups. They have agreed to give a ten percent discount for this series to Small Group Network members. This promotional discount will be available to members only. If you have not become a member yet, here is one more reason to do so! If you are a member, you should have received an email by now with the promotional code. Simply enter the promotional code during the second step of the ordering process and receive your 10% discount!

What is Convergence?
Convergence is a DVD series for small groups that addresses what it means for us to live “on earth as it is heaven.”  Hosted by Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz), Convergence provides thought-provoking conversations between leading Christian thinkers designed to jumpstart meaningful discussions in your small groups.

Join Donald Miller as he talks with Christian thinkers including Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Randy Alcorn, and Lauren Winner about topics such as Parenting, Idols, Spiritual Practices, and Heaven.

Each DVD is broken down into 3-4 segments, each designed for one small group meeting. The 15-20 minute segments have companion discussion guides and extended resources for the leaders to use.

The series includes:

Personal Growth: Learning to Meet Life’s DemandsDonald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) and Henry Cloud (Boundaries) discuss personal and spiritual growth.

Why is it important to have community to help us grow? Why is it hard to be vulnerable? How do I set boundaries for myself? How do painful experiences help us grow?

Spiritual Practices: How to Meet God in the Everyday – Donald Miller and Dr. Lauren Winner (Girl Meets God) have a discussion about spritual practices and how they can lead us to meet God in our everyday lives.

What is a spiritual practice? Why should Christians do spritual practices? Did Jesus engage in spiritual practices? Can spiritual practices bring me closer to God? How do I start practicing them in my daily life? What should I expect from spiritual practices?

Heaven: Understanding God’s Plan and Our Hope – Donald Miller and Randy Alcorn (Heaven) discuss Heaven and address many popular misconceptions.

What does the Bible say about Heaven? What’s God’s plan for us today and in Heaven? What does my life today have to do with my life in Heaven?

Breaking the Ice: Learning to Share Our Stories – Donald Miller and Phyllis Tickle (The Divine Hours & The Shaping of a Life) share stories from their own lives and discuss the value of sharing our stories with others.

What’s my story? Why is it important? How have places impacted my life? Who are the key people in my life? What have been the key conflicts in my life? How have they shaped me? What can I learn from listening to someone else’s story?

Parenting: Helping Your Kids to Become Adults – Donald Miller and Dr. John Townsend (Boundaries) explore what the Bible has to say about raising kids.

How did God design parenting? How does parenting change as children grow? Why is parenting so challenging? What rewards come from the process of helping kids grow up? How can we parent in community?

Marriage: Life After I Do – Donald Miller talks with Dan Allender and Tremper Longman (Intimate Allies & Breaking the Idols of Your Heart) as they discuss God’s design for Christian marriage.

What should we expect from marriage and why are we sometimes disappointed? What can marriage teach us about the Gospel and ourselves? What are the roles of men and women in marriage? What are common obstacles most marriages experience and how can we overcome them?

Frustrations and False Gods: Living in a Fallen World – Donald Miller and Dan Allendar and Tremper Longman discuss the frustrations and disappointments of life and how the Gospel enables us to live well in a fallen world.

Are Christians supposed to be happy all of the time? Why is life so unsatisfying? What do I use to fill my heart? My time? My mind? What does the Gospel have to say when I am disappointed with life? How are we to live in a world filled with God’s goodness yet plagued by sin and disappointment?

What makes Convergence different?

  • Biblical principals first, not cookie-cutter Christianity
  • 15 – 20 minute format leaves time for discussion and application
  • Raises questions and promotes discussion, rather than spoon feeding all the answers
  • $14.99 for 3 – 4 weeks of content – no additional materials to buy
  • Ability to download individual episodes for only $3.99 (easy to test out with group)

We are also offering a discount at to the Small Group Network. Use the code you were recently emailed (available ONLY to Network Members) at the second step of the checkout process and receive 10% off.

Watch a free preview of Convergence HERE

You can always find out more at

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