Small Group Studies: Barbarians (*and a bonus for you!)

Small Group Life Episode 4 – Barbarians

By General Editor, Steve Gladen

Innovative and engaging, Small Group Life: Barbarians offers the casual, comfortable feel of a small group dynamic while providing sound Biblical teaching rooted in Scripture. Designed to be provocative and conversational, a sense of community is cultivated where hearts come alive and relationships grow!

Life is not a script. Yet we find ourselves time and again searching not for truth or life or adventure, but formula—something with a manual and easy-to-use instructions written in plain English. Over the past two thousand years, Christianity has moved from a tribe of renegades to a religion of conformists. To belong to God is, in fact, to belong to his heart. To belong to the original tribe meant total self-abandonment in favor of a willingness to follow the order: “Forward march!” The original believer would seem barbaric by the standards most believers are measured by today.

The barbarian fights for his or her king with everything that lies within. They have little patience for position, for religion, for bureaucracy, for institutions. They are not looking for a script; rather, they are looking to act. They may seem uncivilized to lovers of religion, but in reality their positions only represent a quality of “soldout-ness” for the one true King, Jesus Christ. Barbarians are not paralyzed by fear nor do they look for someone else to fight for them. The barbarian has accepted the call to fight for his or her king with reckless abandon.

Barbarians’ 6 thematic topics are:

  1. The Barbarian Creed
  2. Jesus the Barbarian
  3. Beat of the Barbarian Heart
  4. The Barbarian Call to Action
  5. Barbarian Blind Spots
  6. The Barbarian in Community

How Small Group Life works:

Each new Episode of Small Group Life is published as a dated study, initially. After the quarter ends, a standard printed version, with the exact same contents, becomes available. Or if you prefer, a downloadable PDF version can be obtained online as well.

Each Study Guide Includes:

  • 6 topics per Episode (each having 2 scenes), therefore can be used as a 6 or 12 week study
  • Embedded Leader Notes, for seamless guidance
  • Leader’s Guide that provides more helpful hints
  • Scripture Notes in the back of each scene
  • Free downloadable videos for each lesson online
  • Kids (K-6th grade) are included, too! Free downloadable lessons online
  • Family activities & devotional ideas
  • Sound Biblical teaching; every lesson rooted in Scripture
  • Adherence to LifeWay’s adult ministry strategy: Connect, Grow, Serve, Go

Small Group Life Benefits:

  • Easy: Leaders can prepare in as little as 5 minutes!
  • Streamlined: Each lesson can be completed in less than an hour
  • Affordable: Study Guides for each member can cost as little as $14 for an entire year
  • Flexible Structure: Meet as often as you like; either every week or less frequently
  • Convenient: Purchase a subscription, at retail stores, or download customizable lessons online
  • Family Friendly: Kids lessons are included, too, and easy enough for a teenager to lead
  • Engaging: Each scene poses provocative questions that stimulate conversation and nurture spiritual growth
  • Relevant: Study notes developed by Steve Gladen, small groups pastor for Saddleback Church

LifeWay Church Resources   Price $3.50


* As a special bonus to Small Group Network Members and readers of this newsletter, LifeWay has agreed to mail FREE copies of Small Group Life to the first 1000 members/readers who fill out this form! Fill yours out today. Quanities are limited!

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