Resources For You (and they are free!)

This month we are highlighting Steve Gladen’s website –

This website is full of resources and information pertintent to Small Group Point People and other leaders of ministry. In particular, this month,we are focusing on Steve’s free resources. During his many years serving in small group ministry, Steve has collected an assortment of tools useful for ministry leaders. He has collected many of these and made them available as free downloads from his website. He continually adds to these resources, so be sure to check back often. Steve features a wide variety of articles and resources on topics such as…

  • Starting a Small Group Ministry
  • Connection Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Ministry Infrastructure
  • Ministry Planners
  • Topical Scripture Collection

In addition, Steve has collected an assortment of great articles such as…

  • The 10 Commandments of Goal Setting
  • Blessings of Brokeness by Charles Stanley
  • How to Survive the Dog Days of August
  • Life Verses for Leader Training
  • Small Group Guidelines
  • Myers Briggs Test
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Troubleshooting in Small Groups

All of these (plus much more) are offered on his website as free downloads. Just go to and enjoy!

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