Small Group Studies from Willow Creek

This month we are featuring small group stuides from Willow Creek Church. All can be ordered HERE


Bible 101: Where Truth Meets Life

Bible 101 gives participants a solid, foundational understanding of God’s Word in a format uniquely designed for a small group setting. Each six-part study offers an icebreaker to focus your meeting, an overview, discussion points, important Scripture for memorization or reflection, and a group activity. Not just another Bible study series, Bible 101 studies are written by seasoned Willow Creek staff and volunteers and offer challenging, in-depth methods in a group-friendly format that encourage learning together.

GIGs (Groups Investigating God) by Rick Richardson

The Groups Investigating God (GIG) series is designed to be a safe place for people of all religions and backgrounds to explore their ideas about God and to find out what Scripture says about God’s character. Each study includes personal stories, questions to explore through journaling, and challenging discussion starters based on popular movies — all designed to help participants process and apply what they learn.

InterActions by Bill Hybels

Developed at Willow Creek Community Church, this groundbreaking series build life-changing ministry within small groups as members share lifestyles, interests, experiences, and values. InterActions skillfully uses this common ground to enable honest discussions, effective problem-solving, deeper friendships, and growing intimacy with God. Each study guide contains six lessons and everything you need to lead a dynamic small group.

Jesus 101 by Bill Donahue

The Jesus 101 series engages both mind and heart. The sessions bring a fresh perspective on who Jesus is, how he interacted with people in Scripture and how he relates to us. The discussion questions are designed particularly to help a group to learn from each other but also provide an interesting context for individual reflection. As you discover the ways Jesus fulfills our lives, you may fall in love with him again–or for the first time.

New Community by Bill Hybels with Kevin and Sherry Harney

This high-impact series guides small groups to the transforming power of God’s Word in the context of community. Six sessions help group members align their lives and relationships more closely with the Bible’s model for the church.

Pursuing Spiritual Transformation by John Ortberg, Laurie Pederson, Judson Poling

Explore fresh, biblically-based ways to think about and experience life with God through Willow Creek’s Five G’s: Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Giving. This innovative six-part series challenges the notion that simply “trying harder” will lead to spiritual growth. Instead, you’ll learn about the life-giving practices, experiences, and relationships God uses to transform us from the inside out.

Reality Check by Mark Ashton

This exciting series of eight books will help people from a variety of spiritual backgrounds discover the powerful life and teachings of Jesus within the context of a small group. The director of seeker small groups at Willow Creek Community Church wrote this unique series of innovative and thought-provoking topics to challenge participants to connect heart to heart. Explore the interface between Jesus, the Bible, and the realities of this world in which we live. Each discussion guide has six sessions.

Reality Check is for spiritual seekers of every persuasion. Uncompromisingly Christian in its perspective, it steers wide of pat answers and aims at honesty. In fact, every book has a bold message printed on the back that clearly states: “The Reality Check series makes just one assumption: that you’re serious enough about your spiritual journey to investigate Christianity with an open mind. Other than that, this isn’t about joining anyone’s religious club — it’s about being real with yourself and with the others in your group. Since no one has all the answers, there’s plenty of room for discussion. After all, if there is any truth to the Bible’s stories about Jesus, then one thing He’d welcome are questions and opinions that come from honest, earnest hearts.”

Tough Questions by Garry Poole, Judson Poling

This hard-hitting series creates unprecedented opportunities to examine major questions and objections about the Christian faith. In seven sessions designed to get small groups thinking and discussing, each volume leads to a fascinating exploration of vital truths whether a participant is an atheist, a skeptic, a seeker, or a believer looking for a stronger faith. You’ll engage in the kind of spirited dialogue that shows the Christian faith can stand up to any kind of scrutiny.

Walking with God by Don Cousins, Judson Poling

Now your small group can build greater intimacy with God, explore who God is, and know him better by walking with him more closely. Practical, interactive, and enjoyable, this series follows a two-track approach.

Series I plugs new believers into the transforming power of intimacy with God and discipleship to Christ. Series II guides more mature Christians into partnership with God and helps them reach out to a world that desperately needs his love.

Any church or group can use these studies in a relational context to help raise up devoted disciples. Group members who finish all six books will lay a solid foundation for a lifelong walk with God.

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