Free Resources From Steve Gladen!

This month we are featuring Pastor Steve Gladen’s website. Steve is the Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church. His website, is a wealth of information and resources – and a lot of it is free! This month we are highlighting his free resources. As you might imagine, over the years Steve has amassed a great deal of information helpful to leaders of Small Group Ministry. His wish is that you use this information in developing your own healthy and balanced Small Group Ministry.

Starting a Small Group MinistryThis page will provides resources to not only help you get started in your Small Group Ministry, but also details what makes Saddleback’s Small Group Ministry unique.

  • Ten Things to Think About Before Starting a Small Group Ministry
  • The Saddleback Small Group Difference
  • Small Group Pathway

Infrastructure – Every healthy Small Group Ministry needs a healthy infrastructure to support it. These resources will give you a glimpse into how Saddleback can structure a Small Group Ministry that supports over 5000 small groups.

  • Community Leader Quick Start
  • Host Leader Pathway
  • Small Group Curriculum Pathway Sample
  • Small Group U Course Plan
  • Small Group Community Leader and Area Leader role tasks
  • Area Leader Strategy
  • and more!

Small Group Connection – One of the most commonly asked questions is, How do we get people into small groups? These free downloads will help you to begin a strategy that works for your church.

  • Small Group Connection Set Up Instructions
  • Small Group Connection Process
  • Large Group Connection Process Instructions
  • Suggestion Connection Agenda
  • Suggested Connection Questions
  • Connection Box Materials List
  • Bingo Game Connection Tool
  • Staff Connection Briefing
  • 7 Tips to Connecting New Members

Campaigns – A veteran of many church campaigns, Steve has included a great article here with his best tips for a successful campaign in your church.

  • Twelve Tips to a Successful Campaign

Small Group Planners – This page provides a variety of planners to help you, your groups, and your church to balance the biblical purposes.

  • My Personal Game Plan
  • My Group Game Plan
  • My Church Game Plan
  • Curriculum Planner
  • Health Assessment and Planner
  • MAP Workbook
  • Planning Calendar

Small Group Resources – An assortment of great resources for the Leaders of Small Group Ministry as well as resources for their Small Group Leaders.

  • Small Group Guidelines and Agreement
  • Small Group Evaluation
  • Ten Ideas for Promoting Shared Ownership
  • Small Group Host Role Description
  • Small Group Host Application
  • Small Group Team Roles
  • New Small Group Temp ACL Role Description
  • Small Group Community Leader Role Description
  • Small Group Roster
  • Serving the Lord’s Supper
  • Performing a Foot Washing Ceremony
  • Small Group Terminology

Steve’s Articles – A collection of articles Steve has written on various small group topics.

  • A Balanced Small Group Strategy
  • Build Your Small Groups Around God’s Purposes
  • Building a Baptism Culture in Your Church
  • Building a Simple Clear Small Group Leadership Pathway
  • Getting Everyone to Serve in Your Small Groups
  • How to Connect Every Person in Your Church
  • How to Increase the Small Group Connection at Your Church
  • How to Keep Your Small Groups Involved in Discipleship
  • Making Your Small Groups Models of Evangelism
  • Making Your Small Groups Models of Fellowship
  • Nine Ways to Revitalize Your Sunday School
  • Quick Test: Is Your Church Ready for Easter Visitors?
  • Small Groups or Sunday School?
  • Sustaining Small Group After 40 Days of Purpose

Spiritual Growth Tools – Here you will find a variety of small group studies that you can download and use for free.

  • Confess and Repent
  • Life of Prayer
  • Spiritual Habits
  • Lifestyle of Worship
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Names of God
  • Simply Content
  • Time Alone With God

Topical Scripture – A great collection of scripture on various topics such as:

  • Abortion
  • Anger
  • Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Boundaries
  • Divorce
  • Hope and Encouragement
  • How God Deals With Our Sins
  • Loving Through Listening
  • Marriage
  • Power Over Bitterness
  • Relationships
  • Responsibility
  • Resting in the Love of God
  • Sexual Intimacy Outside Marriage
  • Sexual Purity
  • Terminal Illness and Grief
  • Trust

On this same page, there are also articles on topics such as:

  • A Guide to Fasting
  • Recommended Reading for Those You are Helping
  • What the Bible says About Infant Baptism
  • What the Bible says About Sex Outside Marriage
  • Why Does God Allow Evil

Be sure to check back with the website often, since Steve is continually adding resources and materials!

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