Small Group Studies: Take the Breaking Free Challenge!

Join thousands of people around the country who are taking the Breaking Free Challenge and discovering new power to break debt, build wealth, and discover their God-given purpose!

What is Breaking Free? Breaking Free is a personal finance small group and seminar program that will save you hundreds of dollars a month, immediately, and represents thousands of dollars in new wealth in your pocket in the months ahead. It offers you a new sense of personal power, a clear path to godly purpose, and a flourishing, prosperous life!

What is the Breaking Free Challenge? The Breaking Free Challenge is the first step of Breaking Free, a 40-day, six-week spiritual and financial journey that includes daily workbook and devotional study, weekly small group or seminar interaction, with a goal of reaching an online assessment score of 40 percent. The challenge goal is to reach 40 in 40!

How do I take the Challenge? The Breaking Free DVD-based small group and seminar program protects your confidentiality. Learners work together to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with average income and debt, get out of debt and build wealth. Then they take the practices home to put to work in your personal finances. You may do the program in your small group, as a church-wide campaign, or team together with other local churches to impact your community.

In your small group: Get a small group together and take the challenge personally.

In your church: Ask your pastor about doing an all-church challenge.

In your community: See what you can do to reach out to your community and join together with other churches to impact your city. Together, let’s see how many people we can help break free!

What tools will I use?

DVD lessons. Workbooks. Devotionals. Online assessment & coaching programs. All Breaking Free products will help you transform your financial thinking and behavior, as you make your way to mastery of these life-changing principles and practices.

How it works: Breaking Free follows simple steps that include daily self-study, weekly group discussion, and monthly assessment until you reach mastery! Start with the 40-day challenge. Reach 40 in 40. Then continue on to mastery!

Features and benefits: If you want transformation in your financial life, you will absolutely love Breaking Free. Breaking Free is deliberately designed to move you to action, with a learning experience that protects your confidentiality, and a method that creates ten times the change over traditional small groups and seminars.

Breaking Free also offers a compelling 40-day challenge with measurable results, and a balanced aproach to money that defines wealth as having more than enough to fulfill your unique God-given purpose. By emphasizing value and purpose more than money, Breaking Free avoids the pitfalls of unqualified prosperity on the one hand and a poverty mentality on the other.

Confidentiality Breaking Free protects your financial privacy with a unique learning approach. Participants work to help fictional Sam and Sally, the average couple with average income and debt, to break debt and build wealth.

Ten-X Growth – The Breaking Free method, developed from years of experience in ivy league learning research, corporate training, and communication, creates ten times the change over traditional seminar and small group programs.

Real Progress Breaking Free offers a powerful online assessment and coaching program that measures vital knowledge and behaviors, supports accountability, and enables participants to make measurable progress.

Challenge Breaking Free offers a highly motivating approach called the 40-day Challenge, which includes a measurable goal and six weeks of themed emphasis in sermon notes, the devotional, the workshop DVD’s and workbooks.

Balance – Breaking Free promotes value creation and godly purpose as the key to understanding “wealth,” avoiding the pitfalls of unqualified prosperity teaching on one hand and a poverty mentality on the other.

Relevance – Breaking Free avoids financial information overload. You get only the most important knowledge and application. With Breaking Free, you can be sure that you are learning first things first.

Simplicity –Breaking Free is completely turn-key and does not require ANY financial expertise. Group leaders simply push play on the DVD and learn with everyone else! There’s no need for financial expertise to start a group!

Power – Breaking Free has incredible power to transform families, churches, and communities. Families recover thousands of dollars in “spill.” Churches get strong as they disciple their people and reach their city!

About the author – Erik Van Alstine is a humorous, dynamic communicator, change expert, and strategic leader with a big heart for the church! He is co-founder and chairman of Project 28, author of Breaking Free, media entrepreneur, teaching pastor at Champions Centre, husband of twenty years, and father of six. His mission is to promote transformation in individuals and organizations around the world, with a special focus on equipping churches and their members. Erik’s combination of experience in Christian ministry, corporate learning, and entrepreneurial leadership provides a unique and compelling perspective into the dynamics of personal and organizational transformation.

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