Resources For You – SGN Network Leaders!

Looking for one place to get support, ideas, and answers to your questions about the Small Group Network? We have created a website just for you! At you will find information on the SGN.

This website is a great tool for recruiting new members to your network because you can just send potential members a link to the website and let them read all about it.

This website is also a great way to encourage your leaders and give them ideas of practical ways they can better serve the SGN in their individual roles!

You will find…

How and why Steve Gladen started the SGN. LINK

How is the SGN structured, and what are the benefits? LINK

Regional Leader role description. LINK

Regional Leader database instructions. LINK

Regional Leader FAQs. LINK

Area Leader role description. LINK

Area Leader database instructions. LINK

Area Leader FAQs. LINK

Local Leader role description. LINK

Local Leader database instructions. LINK

Local Leader FAQs. LINK

Huddle information to help you have a great huddle such as: How to Have a Great Huddle, sample Huddle invitations for your use, examples of Huddle schedules, and many “Huddle Helps” – which are questions you can send to your network members ahead of time to let them know what you will be discussing. LINK

We are continually adding new information to the website, so check back often!

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