Resources For You: Small Group Christmas Party Ideas

by Ron Wilbur

Small groups are always looking for ideas for Christmas parties. Help your small group leaders out by forwarding these ideas.

Your small group Christmas party doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just has to happen. Have it on your regular group meeting night. With all of the other activities at Christmas time, having the party on your regular small group night will be appreciated, and it will ensure that more members of your group are able to attend.

Here are some ideas to make your small group party fun and worshipful.

Make it a potluck party where everyone brings food. Have a “red” and “green” potluck, where every food has to be red or green, even if it requires food coloring. There’s nothing like lime jello and cranberries to say “Christmas!” Or, maybe not.

Put someone in charge of finding words for Christmas carols and printing enough for everyone.

Take the whole group out into the neighborhood the night of the party for Christmas caroling – just 4-5 homes will get everyone in the spirit. Don’t let the naysayers keep the group from doing this. Be very encouraging, lead people out, allow anyone who doesn’t want to go to stay behind, and everyone will have fun and thank you later.

Have one member of the group read the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20.

Maybe one member of your group is a storyteller. Have them make up a Christmas story and tell it at the Christmas party.

Have a “white elephant” gift exchange.  Play some Christmas games like Secret Santa. Spend just a few minutes on the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of games for Christmas parties.

Invite new people to your party, people you’d like to have coming to your small group. This is a great way for them to meet people in a fun and relaxed setting. (Hint: be sure to have “white elephant” gifts set aside for them to put into the exchange so they don’t feel left out.)

More than anything, just get together and celebrate Christ’s birth as a small group family.

Ron Wilbur is the Pastor of Small Group Operations at Saddleback Church

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