Thank You and Merry Christmas!

by Steve Gladen

As the year draws to a close, it is natural to think about the past year as well as plan for the upcoming one. I cannot help but think of the Small Group Network. As we work to connect leaders of Small Group Ministry to each other, it is wonderful to see them building relationships, supporting each other, and sharing ideas and resources. It is humbling to see a small God-inspired idea come to fruition due to the work of hundreds of leaders across North America. It is also exciting to think of all the possibilites. Every day, we are thinking of ways to better serve you.

Thank you to the many leaders who support the SGN. Thank you to the members who show up at the huddles and share your ideas and support your peers. Thank you to the spouses and families (including mine – Lisa, Erika, and Ethan) of all of our SGN leaders. We appreciate your sacrifice and support. You are the foundation for all of our leaders. Thank you to all of the local churches who support and encourage our cause. And, thank you God, for allowing all of us to serve you in a cause that is so close to our hearts.

Merry Christmas. Looking forward to serving you in the upcoming year!

With much love and appreciation…

Steve Gladen – founder of the Small Group Network

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