Resources for You: Popular Campaigns

Looking for a new campaign? Here are some of the most popular campaigns from churches and ministry leaders across North America.

  • 40 Days of Purpose from Saddleback – the campaign that started the campaign movement.
  • 40 Days of Community from Saddleback – community focused campaign to get your groups engaged in the community
  • 40 Days of Love from Saddleback – a look at the Radical love of Christ and how we might expess that
  • Love at Last Sight (from Kerry and Chris Shook, 2010, and great for outreach oriented campaigns).
  • The Power of a Whisper (new from Bill Hybels, published by Zondervan, and great for helping your congregation learn how to listen to God)
  • Live Like You Were Dying (a 30-Day campaign based on the Grammy award winning song)
  • One Month to Live (a 30-Day Campaign based on a new book by the same name)
  • The Me I Want to Be (John Ortberg’s newest book is also available as a church-wide campaign).
  • Life’s Healing Choices (based on John Baker’s book by the same name, this campaign was developed and launched by Saddleback in 2009).
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