Steve’s Tips

Looking for a way to add balance and health to your small groups? Forward these monthly tips to your small group leaders!

Fellowship – Do you want to help your group move from discussion to action? As a first step, list those things your group wants to accomplish – spiritual goals for the group to tackle together, service projects to further God’s kingdom on earth, or personal steps of growth each member wants to take. Put the goals down in writing so accountability and action can happen.

Discipleship – How can temptation become a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block? Have a group discussion about this question regarding temptation. If you have both men and women in your group, you may want to divide into groups by gender so that people will feel greater freedom to talk honestly about the temptations they face.

Ministry – This great faith-building excercise will also give you a clue into people’s passions and shapes for ministry. Simply discuss the following questions: If neither time nor money were an obstacle, what would you do for God? What can you do to star moving in that direction of ministry?

Evangelism – During your group meeting, sub-group into groups of three or four people. This fulfills two goals. First, when you sub-group consistently, you are forming a nucleus of people who could eventually start a new group. Second subgrouping identifies potential leaders.

Worship – Have each group member find a favorite verse about God’s love and read it to the group. This sharing may encourage others to open up and read their Bibles, to do some research, and to interact with one another.

Do you have any great ideas for small groups that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you! Just email your idea, its category (fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, worship), along with your name, church, and title (if any). We may share your idea here (with you getting full credit, of course) or even in Steve Gladen’s upcoming book for small group leaders! Contact cherylshireman with your idea

Steve Gladen is the Pastor of the Small Group Community at Saddleback Church. His book, Small Groups With Purpose will be available in June.

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