Small Group Studies – Will You Trust God?

Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren
You have a plan for the rest of your life. God has a plan for the rest of your life. Are they the same?

What if God’s plan for your life is far bigger, far more risky, and far more fulfilling than what you had planned? If you’ve ever struggled with knowing and doing God’s will, this video-based small group study is for you.

With raw honesty, Kay Warren goes straight to the heart of the matter: Surrender. Will you trust God? Along with Kay’s messages, you will hear the stories of three other people who have said yes to God. Using their sills, energy, faith, and a willingness to take risks, they have become tools in God’s hands to make a difference in the world.

Session One: Becoming Dangerously Surrendered
Session Two: Expose Evil
Session Three: Do Good in Jesus’ Name

Your study of this material will be greatly enhanced by reading the book, Dangerous Surrender, by Kay Warren

Here is a description of that book: Warren, wife of megachurch pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren (The Purpose-Driven Life), traces her transformation from housewife to international HIV/AIDS advocate. Moved by a news article about AIDS, Warren made a life-changing visit to Africa in 2003. In this book, she tells stories of the world’s great tragedies (HIV/AIDS, the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, sex slavery, orphaned children and deep poverty) through the lens of her travels. Warren challenges readers to engage with devastating situations and surrender themselves to loving others—particularly those who may be considered outcasts—in the name of Christ. She describes being gloriously ruined by her close knowledge of these tragic situations, having previously been unaware or simply too busy raising a family to realize what was happening in the world.

Both this book and this small group study will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone and surrender to God in ways you may have never dreamed possible.

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