Small Group Curriculum: 40 Days in the Word

40 Days in the Word – an Eternal Experience! A new campaign from Saddleback!

Learn the Word, Live the Word, Love the Word.

Together with Rick Warren and Saddleback Church you’ve experienced 40 days of Purpose, Love and Community.  Now come along with Rick on a journey of 40 Days in the Word, a journey of eternal significance as you and your church will learn how to be not only a “hearer” of the Word, but also a “doer” of God’s Word.

Like the other Saddleback 40 Days campaigns, the campaign packet will provide all of the resources you’ll need for sermons, small groups and even individual daily devotions led by outstanding pastors from across America—everything you need to do the entire campaign in your entire church, including youth and children’s materials.

40 Days in the Word is a church wide weekly study of six principles of the Word of God.  Together with Rick, the Saddleback Team and great pastors from across the country you and your church will explore the authenticity, reliability, power, comfort, interpretation and doing of God’s Word.  This eight week journey, led by Rick Warren, will encourage spiritual growth in every member of your church.

Together you, your team and your church will be transformed by 40 Days in the Word by:

  • Hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, trusting, and doing God’s Word through messages, small group studies, individual devotions, and even service projects in your community
  • Developing Biblical literacy and Biblical obedience to God’s Word
  • Building confidence in your church on the reliability of God’s Word
  • Teaching your people the methods of how to study and interpret God’s Word
  • Starting the habits that build an eternal devotion to God’s Word 

“How many times do members of your church doubt God’s Word, fall prey to others who attack its reliability or not live out its content?  Too many of God’s people don’t know God’s Word, don’t really believe God’s Word or don’t ‘do’ God’s Word.  Forty Days in the Word will transform your people from ‘hearers’ to ‘doers.’”  Rick Warren 

The 40 Days in the Word Campaign package includes:

  • Access to our 40 Days in the Word Campaign Resource Center, featuring:
    • FREE, live interactivity with Rick and the Saddleback team with daily devotionals and Scripture memorization
    • Training  materials, bulletin promotions, and everything you will need to create an amazing church-wide experience
    • 6 sermons on each of principle of the Word (including transcripts) that you can adapt for your own use
    • 6 small group sessions on DVD
    • Access to 40 daily video devotions from outstanding pastors from across America
    • 40 Written daily devotionals from Rick Warren
    • A reading plan for each member of your church to follow after the  campaign ends
    • Helpful references to organize each member of your team and guides to success for each person on your team

For more information visit: or

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3 Responses to Small Group Curriculum: 40 Days in the Word

  1. Passor Rajasekaran says:

    Very much exited and looking forward to join the 40 days in the word campaign

  2. Gary Jones says:

    We are about to start our 40ditw in South Africa.

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