Steve’s Tips

As summer approaches, give your groups some out-of-the-box ideas to balance the biblical purposes! 

Fellowship – A day-long or an overnight group retreat can be a special time of fellowship. It is the same as a month’s worth of group meetings, and is a great way to accelerate friendships within your small group. 

Discipleship – Pass out a paper to each group member. Then have everyone read Psalm 96 individually. In the New Living Translation, verse 3 says, “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” Now have each person in the group write out a prayer thanking God for the “glorious deeds” he has done in their lives and the “amazing things” he does for them regularly. Ask for volunteers to read their prayers aloud. 

Ministry – Contact the leader of the children’s Sunday School program at your church. Arrange for your group to help out with the children’s classes sometime. Serve in whatever ways the leaders need. Also, find some way to thank and honor the Sunday School teachers. 

Evangelism – Does anyone in your group fall into the EGR (Extra Grace Required) category? That’s not unusual. When you’re dealing with EGR people, it is important to remember that Jesus Christ hung on the cross for them. Focusing on this truth will give you more patience for going the extra mile for the EGRs – especially if they are seekers! 

Worship – Challenge your small group to pray and fast for a special request or crisis someone recently shared. Group members will grow closer as they fast and pray together to seek God’s will.  

Steve Gladen is the Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church. His latest book, Small Groups with Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities, has just been released. 

For more ideas like these, read 250 Big Ideas for Purpose Driven Small Groups.



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