Steve’s Tips

Providing suggestions for health and balance in your small groups is as simple as “tweeting” or “sharing” this post! Pass along these healthy tips! 

Fellowship – On a piece of butcher paper (at least 2’ x 3’) write “Community is…” or “Something I would like to discuss in our small group is…” Hang the paper on a wall. Making sure you have pens that won’t bleed through the paper onto the wall, ask members to finish the sentence you began. Use their answers to fuel a brief discussion or provide ideas for future meetings. 

Discipleship – Read Joshua 3. Notice that the water didn’t start to roll back until the priests stepped into the water. Only when they acted in faith and got their feet wet did they see God work. Have each person describe a time when, in faith, they had to step into the water. What situation demanded action and therefore stretched their faith – and what growth did that experience result in? 

Ministry – As school approaches, plan a teacher appreciation celebration at a local elementary school. You might thank all the teachers or focus on the teachers from one specific grade. Bake cookies for the teachers and write notes of appreciation for their commitment and hard work. 

Evangelism – Choose a foreign missionary who has internet access. Arrange for your group to have an online chat with that person. Use Skype, if possible, to have a face-to-face meeting. Whatever technology you choose, be sure to pray for your missionary friend before (and after) you sign off. 

Worship – Encourage the group to attend a baptism together. It is one of life’s most joyous worship opportunities.  

Steve Gladen is the Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church. His latest book, Small Groups with Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities, is now available.


For more ideas like these, read 250 Big Ideas for Purpose Driven Small Groups.

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