Group Talk: Community is Messy – Heather Zempel

by Jay Daniell

Community is great. And then the people show up and make it messy. Everyone joining a small group brings with them their brokenness and baggage and they discover a safe place to dump their mess. Community is messy because it always involves people and people are messy.

And if you think your small groups are messed up, remember the majority of the writings in the New Testament exist because the early church was messy. Consider the church at Corinth with their incestuous affairs, lawsuits, divorce and separation, idol worship, big egos, doctrinal infighting, sexual promiscuity and people getting drunk while celebrating communion. 

The scary news: Community always has been and always will be messy. Messy community is not the exception to the rule; it is the rule.

The good news: Mess can be the very thing that brings what we most want in groups- community and growth.

On October 4th at 12 noon Central Time, we will spend an hour with our featured guest Heather Zempel.  Heather serves as the Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church in Washington DC, where she engineers environments to facilitate community and discipleship through Small Groups.  Her blog at fuels discussion and innovative ideas for creatively discipling emerging generations.

Heather and I will be discussing, Community is Messy! 7 Steps to Reduce the Mess Stress. First we’ll be identifying the “what” and the “why” of messy community.  Then we will explore seven steps you can use to guide you safely through the stress which accompanies the mess.

To be a part of this one hour free conference call, simply dial into the conference number, enter the access code and enjoy the discussion.  If possible, please avoid internet based phone services.

If you have specific questions for Heather concerning messy community, please email you questions to Jay Daniell in advance of the call at 

            Conference Call Details:

Date: Tuesday, October 4th

Time:  1:00 PM (ET); 12:00 Noon (CT); 11:00 AM (MT); 10:00 AM (PT)

Dial-in-number:  1-218-936-4141

Participant Access Code:  24247

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