Resources For You: The Small Group Show

The Small Group Show is a free resource distributed to small group leaders, pastors and champions across the country. Hosted by Steve Gladen, current Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church, and Brett Eastman, from Lifetogether. They are interviewing some of the most influential, and interesting men and women in the small group movement today in a talk show format to help encourage, equip and inform local Small Group Champions (Pastors, Point Leaders, Staff and Volunteers) whether paid or unpaid looking to both start and sustain healthy small groups in their church.

Each show will include elements of the following 6 components: TRAINING from an experienced small group pastor or director on some relevant topic for small group ministry leaders, TOOLS that will help you and your group leaders, including new small group curriculum, video training, and books, TESTIMONIES that will both inspire and motivate you for the long haul, TRENDS that are happening in the church and in particular those that impact the small group community, TOGETHER events, conferences and activities that are coming up online and around the country, TIPS on the latest and greatest ideas and strategies to building a healthy small group ministry.

Recent episode topics include:

  • Learning From Five Small Group Experts
  • Church-wide Examples
  • Connecting Everyone in Your Church
  • Training Small Group Leaders and Breakthrough Innovations
  • How to Rally Your Leaders

To watch the latest episodes of The Small Group Show click HERE.

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