Twelve! On Online Global Gathering September 14 &15

Twelve brings you online teaching from small group ministry leaders. Be part of a highly interactive web environment where you’ll discuss what’s being shared with other ministry leaders in churches like yours. Each session varies from 45 minutes to 75 minutes and is interspersed with 15 minute sessions with online hosts fielding your comments and questions. This unusual format is fast paced and packed with over 50 key learnings from small group ministries actively working out exponential health and growth in small group community.

Twelve is fun, innovative and ground-breaking. It’s for small group ministry leaders at churches around the world. It will be webcast over a two-day ‘live’ conference timeframe, and then the sessions will be available on-demand for registrants for the next 30 days.

We are not in the business of producing conferences. We’re in the business of equipping leaders to do Kingdom work, sharing what we have learned in the laboratory of a mega-church where we can test out thousands of ideas. Twelve is about sharing those Kingdom building, God honoring, body edifying ideas that God has blessed. We set the lowest registration rate ever because we want to make this gathering so affordable that anyone in small group ministry can afford it and so convenient that no one can say they can’t find the time. Innovative interactivity let you discuss what you’re learning with others in churches like yours, all around the world. You’ll get instant feedback and great ideas from others who are going through this track with you.

Three exciting tracks:


Speakers: Steve Gladen, Carolyn Taketa, and Bill Search

In eight sessions over two days you will go through how your church can start and grow a healthy small group ministry, can’t-miss principles, and how to connect your community and your church for spiritual health.


Speakers: Greg Anderson, Scott Boren, Alan Danielson, Debbie Eaton, Mark Howell, Rick Howerton, Mac Lake, Eddie Mosley, Randall Neighbour, Todd Olthoff, Ben Reed, Cynthia Ross, Spence Shelton, Joe Windham, and Heather Zempel

Select this track if you have previously attended training or a conference by Saddleback’s small group pastor Steve Gladen on exponential small group ministry essentials. This next-level interactive track is taught by over a dozen small group minds including small group ministry leaders at churches of all sizes. Each topic explores what happens when you apply ministry principles that work in one size church into practice in other types and sizes of churches. You’ll gain street-level insights from leaders who have hit the walls and found ways over, around, through or under them. You’ll gain breakthrough ideas and practical knowledge to successfully apply exponential small group ministry principles in your church.


Speakers: Ron Wilbur, Chip Kelly, Ben Reed

Select this track if you have previously attended a Saddleback small group conference or other training from Steve Gladen in which he has shared the principles of exponential small group ministry. In the Planning Track, Ron, Chip and Ben will help you create an 18-month action plan for your small group ministry using the essentials of exponential small groups. Your plan will be tailored to your church, your issues, your road blocks and your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get some initial prep work to do before Twelve starts to get you ready for an exciting two days of teaching, stories, and planning. Make sure you register any other members of your team, staff or non-paid, who need to be invested in the ministry in implementing the plan. Embedded in the planning process are 50 key learnings of the successful Saddleback model that now has more people in weekly small groups than attend weekend services. We’ll be using unique planning tools to examine the issues, craft a considered set of strategies, prioritize them, and map them over an 18-month calendar. If you need an action plan that is strategic (meaning, intentional), that will help you take your ministry to the next level, this track is for you.


Speakers: Dave Alford, Brandon Cox, Tom Holladay, Liza Gant, Jay Kranda, Kenny Luck, Reggie McNeal, Rick Bradford, Efraim Meulenberg, Helen Mitchell, Dr. Les Parrott, Cynthia Petty, Geoff Surrat, and Len Sweet

Every registrant at Twelve will have 30 days on-demand access to all of the sessions in the track they have selected, PLUS all sessions in the Bonus Track. This track has amazing teaching from some of the smartest people on the planet. And, like the title says, it’s a bonus! That means these sessions are a free extra!

Date: September 14-15, 2011

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (pst)

Location: Online

Cost: $90 per individual license
$395 per site license
$950 per area license

Get more registration details

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