Group Talk: Six Ways To Find New Small Group Leaders with Mark Howell

by Jay Daniell

Where do I find more Group Leaders?  Everyone leading the Small Group charge at their church has asked this question.  And it continues to be a challenge for us all.  Investigating creative ways to find new Small Group Leaders can open your eyes to new possibilities for you in your ministry. 

On Monday, November 14, at 11:00 AM Central Time, Mark Howell and Jay Daniell will be discussing this exact issue on the next Group Talk Conference Call.  Mark is respected as a leading practitioner and blogger in the realm of Small Groups.  You can check him out at 

We’ve entitled this discussion “Six Ways to find New Small Group Leaders”.  We will share with you six of the top strategies used by churches to identify and ignite new Small Group Leaders. Our hope is that this GroupTalk will spark in you that one idea that will take you and your ministry it the next level. 

To be a part of this one hour free conference call, simply dial into the conference number, enter the access code and enjoy the discussion.  If possible, please avoid internet based phone services. 

We would love to answer all your specific questions concerning how to find new Small Group Leaders, so please, email your questions to Jay Daniell in advance or during the call at

Jay Daniell is the Director for the Small Group Network.



Conference Call Details:

Date: Monday, November 14th

Time:  12:00 Noon (ET); 11:00 AM (CT); 10:00 AM (MT); 9:00 AM (PT)

Dial-in-number:  1-218-936-4141

Participant Access Code:  24247

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