Twelve Global Online Gathering – “Phenomenal!”

by Ron Wilbur

The Twelve global online gathering for small group ministries was a breakthrough conference in so many ways.

5,000 small group champions, pastors, lay leaders, and others interested in small group ministry from 21 countries came together online in this unique gathering in September. Over 200 churches streamed the conference to their gathered folks.

One segment of the attendees dug into the content in the Essentials Track, the transferrable principles of exponential small group ministry that God has been blessing in churches around the world. Angother segment participated in the Experience Track, with 16 top small group practitioners sharing their experiences in churches of different sizes and worship traditions. And another segment spent two days developing 18-month ministry action plans for their churches in the Planning Track. All came to discover what God is calling them to in building small group community in their churches and surrounding areas.

Twelve, the event, was on September 16-17, but thanks to a unique, on-demand feature the conference participants had access to all the sessions in their track, and to a 17 session Bonus Track, for 30 days after the conference.

If you missed it or you’re ready for the next track, get ready for Twelve 2012. May 16-17.

What they’re saying about Twelve:

“Cool format  Loved the chat room.”

“I had no idea that I would use the chat  area as much as I did. Next year I will include more people.”

“I liked that it was hands-on, applicable ideas to share with my small group leaders.”

“Love the content, very biblically based and makes it simple.”

“It was just like been in front of the speaker. And, the interaction with them was fantastic.”

“Parts of the conference were eye opening – things that we as administrators had not thought about.”

“Terrific insight and topics from experienced practitioners.”

“The content was second-to-none. Phenomenal.”

“The production value and ideas presented were much more than I expected for the price of my registration fee. With 30 days access as well I really feel like I’m making the most of the service since I can now share what I learned with others that are like minded and driven. I also was blown away by the web interface allowing multiple quality streams as not all of us across the country have really fast Internet yet. That was a huge selling point for myself. It was executed so seamlessly and even worked with HTML 5 on my iPad 2, bypassing the need for Flash. ”

Ron Wilbur is the Pastor of Small Group Life at Saddleback Church

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