Which Basin Will You Use in Your Small Group Ministry?

by Steve Gladen

Life is full of choices. Every day you have to decide countless moves. Some affect your legacy. Your attitude through each choice is as important if not more important. Peter faced many choices. Some were good, some were not. When Christ was under arrest, Peter made a poor decision and denied Christ three times. In John 21 Peter made a good choice and accepted the call to ministry by reiterating three times he loved Christ and loved what He loved.

Attitude, how he handled a situation, played a big part with Peter’s legacy. The way Peter handled his denial of Christ, and how Judas handled his denial of Christ, produced two complete different situations. Peter repented, served Christ and helped birthed the church. Judas’ sorrow led him to hang himself.

How do you handle choices and with what attitude? It comes down to which basin will you go to? As a leader you have two basins you can use in your Small Group Ministry. One is found in Matthew 27:24 and the other is found in John 13:5.

In Matthew 27:24, Pontius Pilate uses the basin to excuse himself of the matter at hand. He turns to frustration in the account with Jesus and walks away from leadership. He does what is easy, not what is right. In contrast, in John 13, Jesus uses the basin to model servant leadership. He had an attitude of serving. At a time when the disciples were fighting for status and positioning, Jesus showed what mattered. He did what was right, not what was easy.

So in your ministry, your small group, your family, and your situations in life; which basin do you go to? In this Christmas season, challenge your small groups and every member to do what is right, not what is easy. Go to the basin in John 13, not the one in Matthew 27.

Steve GladenSteve Gladen is the Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church. His latest book Small Groups With Purpose: How To Create Healthy Communities

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