Ministry Books Published by SGN Members in 2011

Small Groups With Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities

by Steve Gladen

Over the past fifteen years, small groups have become a vital way to build community in large churches. Nowhere has this been more apparent than at Saddleback Church. Now Steve Gladen, pastor of small groups at Saddleback, shares the secrets of that ministry’s incredible success in creating small groups with purpose.

This practical book walks church leaders through the questions they need to answer to develop their own intentional small group strategy. Built around the most commonly asked questions, Small Groups with Purpose outlines the step-by-step process of creating a successful small group ministry. Because it is built upon principles and not methods, this plan can be implemented in any size church. Each chapter ends with a list of questions for readers to answer to help them assess their current situation and their desires for the future. Personal stories, Scripture, and examples ground the discussion and show the system in action.

Pastors and small group leaders will find this book instrumental in making small groups work in their churches.

HARDBACK   13.59

KINDLE    9.89

Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul

by Lance Witt 

Every leader functions on two stages–the front stage and the back stage. The front stage is the public world of leadership. The back stage is the private world of the leader. There are many resources to help you succeed on the front stage. But who is talking to you about you and your backstage life?

In a caring, encouraging tone, Replenish shows you how to:

Prioritize matters of the soul
Develop healthy spiritual practices
Address problems that lead to burnout
Create a healthy rhythm in your life
Craft a healthy leadership culture
Develop better systems in your church
Move toward an unhurried life

If you ever feel alone, in over your head, or simply in need of replenishment, this book will offer welcome relief and a healthy way forward.


KINDLE   8.99

Connecting in Communities: Understanding the Dynamics of Small Groups

by Eddie Mosley

It’s hard to argue the importance of being in a small group. In a friendly, intimate setting, group members study the Bible together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. They pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don’t show up. Friendships are made.

Author Eddie Mosley is convinced that small groups are crucial to bringing about sustained life change. In this hands-on guide, he takes you from conception to implementation of a small-group ministry, sharing basic principles and processes that have been proven to make a difference in lives and communities. Whether you are considering starting a small-group ministry or already have one in place, you will discover various practices and processes that you can adapt to fit your needs.

Connecting in Communities will help you:

  1. Determine what questions need to be answered before you start a small-group ministry
  2. Map out a plan using your church’s perspective of discipleship
  3. Organize and maintain a small-group ministry
  4. Prepare and schedule leadership training
  5. Periodically assess your ministry’s goals and progress

A great resource for pastors and small-group leaders, this book has everything you need for getting people connected and experiencing life together.


KINDLE   7.99

What’s Your Story? Icebreaker Questions for Small Groups

by Cheryl Shireman

You do not know a person until you know their story. We each have a story and it is filled with both factual details and personal details. I believe the amount we are willing to reveal to another is in direct proportion to the amount they are able to love us. You cannot love what you do not know. When a group of people get together, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know one another is through the use of questions that prompt us to tell our story. That is the purpose of this book.

The material is divided into three sections.

Getting to Know You is a series of factual questions that will allow you to know someone at a surface level.

Getting to Know What You Think questions are a bit deeper and allow you to begin to know a person’s experiences as well as their thoughts on various subjects.

Getting to Know What You Feel are a series of questions that often require a bit more of thought before answering.

New groups might want to start near the front of the book with questions that are easier to answer.

You may ask the questions in a variety of ways:

  1. Ask everyone in the group the same question
  2. Have group members open to a random page and answer the first question they see
  3. Have group members open to a random page and ask another group member the first question they see You may also use the book in a variety of circumstances:
  4. As an icebreaker for new groups
  5. A fun break for groups that have been together a long time
  6. As a “get to know you” session whenever a new person is added to the group
  7. The first few minutes of every group meeting Fun to use for any small group!


KINDLE   2.99

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