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Building Biblical Community, a resource and giveaway

As “they” say, the best things in life are free, right? Well, we’re trying to keep that trend going. So we’re partnering with Lifeway to give away some curriculum sets. And they happen to be sets that we believe in! … Continue reading

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The most embarrassing gap in my leadership

by Lance Whitt I really didn’t want to write this article. But I know you can’t talk about spiritual health without talking about this topic. In the past, when I preached about it or wrote about it, I always felt … Continue reading

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A Leader’s Prayer Life

You can learn a lot about a person by the kind of prayer he prays. For instance, a selfish prayer indicates a selfish spirit. Have you ever heard a prayer that sounds like a Christmas list – I want this, … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Prayer List: Is your church ready for Easter Visitors?

Here are some different prayer tips to help you evaluate your church’s preparedness for new folks who might “connect” with your church after coming Easter Sunday.   Image credit: Creative Commons user [F]oxyMoron This weekend I went to a home improvement store. I … Continue reading

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Shame, Vulnerability, and Small Groups

Vulnerability is something that we small group pastors have to lead the way in modeling. If we’re not willing to make ourselves vulnerable, it’s hard to expect that those we lead will feel the freedom to. Here are a couple … Continue reading

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Group Talk: Creating your own in-house curriculum

One of the most frequently asked questions in Small Group Network Huddles is, “What curriculum are you using?”  And rightfully so!  It is important to every Small Group practitioner that their groups are using curriculum that is engaging, yet not … Continue reading

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Is there a certain way for a leader to pray?

by Rick Warren God is looking for people to use. He is looking for leaders. We’re looking for better methods, machinery and motivations. God says, “I’m looking for better people, people that I can use.” And for God to use the … Continue reading

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