Group Talk: Creating your own in-house curriculum

One of the most frequently asked questions in Small Group Network Huddles is, “What curriculum are you using?”  And rightfully so!  It is important to every Small Group practitioner that their groups are using curriculum that is engaging, yet not superficial; enjoyable, yet transformational and relevant and Biblically based. In today’s global market there are plenty of studies to choose from.  However, there rarely seems to be that “perfect fit”.  When reviewing curriculum one can almost always say, “I wish they would have done this differently”.  So what do you do?


Well… meet Carolyn Taketa (on Facebook HERE).  Carolyn is the Small Groups Director at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, CA.  For some time now, Carolyn has been resolving her curriculum quandary by simply creating her own.  Sure, she felt uncertain and even scared at first. But over time, as obstacles are overcome, confidence and competence are developed.


Join us Thursday, April 12 at 12 Noon Central Time for GroupTalk as we delve into the hard questions of developing your own “In-House Curriculum”.  Carolyn will share the golden nuggets she has learned as she has traveled down this road.  We’ll discuss the ups… and the downs of this ministry.  We’ll try to point out some road blocks and alert you to potential detours so that your experience can be productive and fruitful.


We would love to have you join us on this one hour free conference call, simply dial into the conference number, enter the access code and enjoy the discussion.  If possible, please avoid internet based phone services.


If you have specific questions on this topic, please, email your questions to me in advance or during the call at


Conference Call Details:

Date: Thursday, April 12th

Time:  1:00 PM (ET); 12 Noon (CT); 11:00 AM (MT); 10:00 AM (PT)

Dial-in-number:  1-218-936-4141

Participant Access Code:  24247

Jay Daniell

GroupTalk Host

Small Group Network Director



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