Building Biblical Community, a resource and giveaway

As “they” say, the best things in life are free, right?

Well, we’re trying to keep that trend going. So we’re partnering with Lifeway to give away some curriculum sets. And they happen to be sets that we believe in!

Steve Gladen and Bill Donahue have created a great resource called Building Biblical Community.

Building Biblical Community is a 4 session group experience designed to help members understand what it means to belong in a small group, know how to live in community and do life together, discover mission, and learn the importance of “story” in group life.

And you can snag a free copy! (we’re giving away 10 of them)

Just do one (or more) of the following, each earning you 1 point towards our drawing.

To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter. Just click HERE and start the process.

2. Tweet an update about this giveaway, and tag us, @SmallGrpNetwork.

3. Send out a Facebook update about this giveaway, and tag us, @SmallGroupNetwork.

4. Leave a comment below telling us why you’d like to receive this curriculum. (Be sure to include which of the above (1, 2, 3, or all of them) you did.) 

We’ll have the drawing on April 9, 2012, giving away 10 of these great kits!

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14 Responses to Building Biblical Community, a resource and giveaway

  1. Adam Parker says:

    Did all 3! Sounds like some great material.

    I oversee all of my church’s small groups and I love this concept for a starter curriculum. I’ll probably pilot it with a few established groups to see how it implements and then hopefully roll it out to other new groups!

    Thanks guys!

  2. Adam Parker says:

    Did all 3! Looks like great material.

    I work with all the small group leaders at my church, and we are always looking for great material for them (especially new groups or leaders). I hope to pilot this one with a few established groups and perhaps roll it out to our new ones later on. Story is so critical with these groups, can’t wait to check out the material!

    Thanks again!

  3. rcortina says:

    I would love to receive these sessions so our small group leaders can enhance their passion for their group. Bringing people to Christ us our mission and changing hearts and restoring lives is our vision. I left comments on twitter and Facebook.
    Pastor Ralph
    In Him Church

  4. rcortina says:

    We can sure use a lesson like thus before the large launch of our small groups.

    Pastor Ralph
    In Hum Church

  5. Donald Mrla says:

    I just did the Facebook Share and the Tweet. Am already a subscriber to the newsletter.

    We are a small church (60-70 attendees), and are in the 3rd week of 40DITW. The congregation is so excited that we went from 2 mid-week Bible studies to 12 Small Groups, and already the Micah 6:8 project has been put into action by some of them!
    Planning for what follows can be a challenge, so having this as a resource would be most beneficial.

    Thank you so much for your ministry!

  6. Debbie DiFonzo says:

    Our church has been planning small groups and will start our first five week session on May 2. Would love to have this resource to kick off our small groups!
    (Already subscribed to newsletter and posted on Twitter!) Thanks!

  7. Always looking to preview new curriculum and increase the depth of our small group ministry 🙂 Gave you a twitter shout out 🙂

  8. Always looking to preview new curriculum and increase the depth of our small group ministry.
    Gave you a twitter shout out 🙂

  9. Ann Palmieri says:

    Would love a free copy of Building Biblical Community. I am the curriculum coordinator at South Daytona Christian Church and we use lots of your church’s materials. I review each one and write up a “blurb” for my list of Small Group Curriculum…then I post the list and mention new curriculum in our newsletter and a Sunday bulletin. Thanks for the good things! God is Good all the time!
    Ann Palmieri, South Daytona Christian Church, 2121 Kenilworth Ave., S. Daytona, FL 32119
    (just in case we win) LOL…

  10. Jeremy Smith says:

    Our small group ministry has a new staff member joining and this curriculum would be helpful to lay the necessary groundwork of small groups.

  11. Lisa Bynum says:

    I would love to get a copy of this new curriculum! We are starting an “on ramp” group for those people who would like to try out small groups and it sounds like this would be a great source to lay the foundation.
    I am already subscribed to the newsletter, I tagged you in a Facebook status, and this is my comment.

    Lisa Bynum

  12. Brad Houff says:

    I did 1,2,3 and 4. Would love to have your resource to use at our church.

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